Wednesday, September 18, 2019

no answer

When the green phlegm boils up, I swear at the culture of death, the brain dead
doctors, the cavern hospitals, tables filled
with basement bodies. Then the doctors off to Italy.
afterwards when I walk for years alone, no
longer breathing you in, smelling
you, then the tears.
i grieve to the flowers.
i breathe in the pure earth.

Take these tears I say and return.
No the flowers of red rose, temporary respite.
Often I stop and look for others, hyacinth
Lilac, lilies, and there fragrance. Then
The moan, the tears, the broken.
Blue eyes.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

heels dug in

Anxiety without informative preparation is a unsettling feeling, one I didn't like or understood. Better to go back to what I was before I felt anxious. Often that means bring part of your initial family where one learns to repress anxiety by adapting ones character to living with denial.My problem was I knew instinctively that was wrong.  I have noticed that people who have never experienced leaving home, who have a status quo acceptance of their family will not venture forth, instinctively will not experience anxiety, (Orgone Therapy teaches how to experience anxiety.) and blindly use cultural addictions to cover up anxiety.

I had to go back to my original time when I became fully anxious and not have a clue why I was anxious or even have a name for how I was feeling.  I just knew I needed help: I could not stand how I felt. Fortunately for me I had Dr.Rinn. He had learned Orgone Therapy from Dr. Duval a who learned it from Dr. Reich. Initially Orgone Therapy was totally annoying, confusing, and disturbing. But amazingly I would walk out of the office feeling, lighter, like all the pieces were beginning to fit. Now reviewing my initial anxiety upheaval I recognized that I was alone in San Francisco. I had left my wife and I was living alone. No friends either as it was a transient time for most twenty year olds'. The Vietnam war, college decisions and just a lot of moving around. Thankfully I was working and work kept me afloat. Humans are social animals and hanging with each other brings comfort. I reached out to women and the satisfaction of intimacy was peaceful.  I was beginning to be aware that I had feelings besides anxiety. In Therapy I became aware that I would feel good when with groups of people, like when in business meetings. With time I realized that everyone felt better when together, like in a functioning family. Orgone moves positively when in groups.It is part of our biology.  There is no conscious control,  it is just unconscious, meaning your consciousness will only feel it as a feeling positive. People seek activities unknowingly that release Orgone, but it is shallow. Until the addiction becomes socially dangerous, like Opioid Crisis, than addiction is a release that demands repeating.  Unless one has had enlighten parents, fortunate karma than Orgone Therapy is either not available, too expensive or not known.. Addictions cover deep dysfunction and when Orgone Therapy is not socially promoted Therapy than it's solutions will be ignored.

Why do people dismiss Orgone Therapy?
Recognizing the need for Therapy can be thwarted by everyday pursuits.
Culture  addictions are a substitute for a singular fully unified orgasmic existence. Culture has developed these behaviors to block Orgone memories that would remind individuals of previous abuse.Those in dysfunction like there power for it allows for there addictive lifestyles.

1. The traditional Family.  Besides the The Oedipal complex, also known as the Oedipus complex, is a term used by Sigmund Freud in his theory of psycho sexual stages of development to describe a child's feelings of desire for his or her opposite-sex parent and jealousy and anger toward his or her same-sex parent. The traditional family sexually confused, economically challenged, socially damaged instinctively relies on parental authority to stifle Orgone growth. The obsession on children leaves little room for self development, and righteously defended, as the culture supports, over thousands of years, the economic needs of the family.   Orgone is frightening to those in denial.

2. Travelling brings out feelings which would be good if it was based on actually feeling Orgone.  Travelers feel excited and feel better. Can be an escape, addiction from  a healthy Orgone lifestyle.

3. Work Addicted. Goes hand and hand with the family, the culture's continuity. Work if used to work for growth can be wonderful, but our culture work is 24/7 and is demanded to keep ones family afloat, and simultaneously t becomes an escape from facing families dysfunction and families sexual entropy.

4. All established religions are cults. The need to follow a particular authority without positive direction on how to become a fully sexual human leads to addiction.

5. Tobacco. marijuana, liquor, coffee, economically. justified  besides socially accepted.

6. Repressed Humans that are driven to survive be being Doers not Beings leaving little room for self realization and Therapy.

7. The use of Art, singing, writing, etc to stimulate feelings and used as an escape.

Character Analysis by Wilhelm Reich, M.D. third enlarged edition, includes the preface to the first edition.
Dr. Reich states, "In a city like Berlin there are millions of people who are neurotically ruined in
their psychic. structure, in their ability to work and enjoy life; every hour of the day, familial education and social conditions create thousands of new neuroses."
The Twenty First has seen no relief from peoples emotional problems and the continuation of Medical Orgone Therapy world wide denial.

The interactive social matrix can be a terrible. distraction from recognizing the importance of Medical Orgone Therapy. Addiction alleviates a deeper problem and.only until the root cause is dissolved  through choosing Orgone Therapy will addiction be resolved .

Monday, December 3, 2018


not until were lost do we beg to understand ourselves. Thoreau

The journey has been long. Along the way one makes mistakes, often they are addictive mistakes. Substituting food, sex, drugs, work, people as an escape from Orgone streaming, of spontaneous expression: burying memories of neglect, of rejections, in yearning for our desires to be met that every human seeks.
In every religion, therapy true change occurs when the person begins a new path that one has to learn completely. If you think you have the answers than new change will not happen unless one feels lost, anxious, and desperate for help, finally practicing new behavior.  I found myself in that situation. 

Who knew. It was the Sumner Of Love when I arrived in San Francisco in 1967; a gathering of neglected runaways, college dropouts, peace activists, and cultural revolutionaries, using drugs, rock and roll as medicine to cure ignorance. The Haight filled with thousands rummaging streets, embracing each other, spreading hope.

I found a little apartment in the Haight Ashbury section. I still remember the first day I took the M trolley to San Francisco State College. I looked out at a clear view. I was waiting by a tunnel. A strange trolley approached like a miniature train and I felt I was in a different world of rolling hills, of wooden houses, painted bright colors. I felt new, reborn. Then I went off to Graduate School, English Major. God school felt all wrong. How can I feel so good one second and so bad the next. As the school went along I compared it to the happenings on Haight Street. It was a carnival of happenings. You couldn't walk down Haight St, later named Love Street, without a chaos of friendly people asking for dollars for some grass or acid. It was totally fun, alive, and  the answers were out there. Timothy Leary, Ram Das and Yoga. I was all in and Graduate school became a burden.

It is a curse growing up in this USA culture, and like the fool in the Taro I was smiling. Parents who only focused on survival,and knew nothing else. I was 7 and my family were driving to Florida. on the way we would count the miles to the next Stuckey's location, a confectionery that sold pecan rolls that I loved: so sweet. I couldn't eat enough.My addiction to sweets always and still is a way to distract me. There was food in the car, some car games, license plates, and there is a horse. Except no one in my family even wondered how you were doing, or God forbid feeling. Yes God wanted her obeyed, it was Mom and the hatchet was driving the car. The candy was our reward for listening and being silent.  The problem was being nailed closed, the candy confirmed that I had no depth, no feelings, I had candy fuel that allowed me to bypass any recognition of a body: no body, no  understanding of the unconscious.

My past has many layers, memories of San Francisco. I found an apartment on Baker Street near the Haight and was I surprised; the streets were packed with long haired people, literally hundreds, whispering every five feet, acid five dollars, grass. I was far away from where I grew up and Penn St. where I graduated. I was going to San Francisco State College to get my masters in Literature. Nothing that I truly wanted. But I was following my credo, be like a flexible person and make the best choice: staying out of the army, Vietnam, and being with my girlfriends, even though I was being sneaky about it with my family and my girlfriend. But I was following my bliss and knew nothing
about suffering.

Berkeley for me was Telegraph Avenue; it was the street that led to the University Of California. It was always crowded particularly during the day when going to school was in session. Literally hundreds of people would walk the 6 main blocks to campus. On Telegraph near Dwight Way was Moes Books the classic three story bookstore that I would visit often and bought some of my favorite books. Next store was Shambala Books, a eastern Philosophical bookstore that as a a Yoga student I would buy some of my meditation books. I noticed that Carlos Castaneda, would be giving a talk. I had just read his first book and found it fascinating. Then for the coup de grace Timothy Leary would be giving a talk the next day at a large auditorium.
It was a hectic time of hippies, the Vietnam war and Psychedelic revolution starring Timothy Leary the guru of hallucinogenics.
Leary wrote in his book High Priest, pg.21, "The advantage of the mushroom is that it puts many (if not everyone) within the reach of this state without having to suffer the mortification's of  Blake and St. John. And pg.26, "At last you know what the ineffable is and what ecstasy means", As usual Leary's talk was funny, charged with high hope, and spontaneously interrupted by a naked woman who crashed the talk. Ultimately drugged ecstasy was temporary. Drugs were too strong, and dangerously revealing for me, as my relationships crumbled. I needed more.

I went to hear Carlos Castaneda. speak about his first book, The Teachings Of Don Juan.  It was in the basement of Shambala Books in Berkeley
Carlos Castaneda, he was a small man, in a three piece suit. His hair was cut close to his head. He was a careful anthropologist who documented the Toltec secrets by being initiated into then by his Naguel Don Juan Matus. Castaneda wrote a series of books.  The books, narrated in the first person, relate his experiences under the tutelage of a Yaqui "Man of Knowledge" named Don Juan Matus. His 12 books have sold more than 28 million copies in 17 languages.  There are many reports of the factual nature of Castaneda's books. Having met him briefly at a book tour I was convinced that he  spoke the truth of his experiences. He projected a sincere persona and there was no doubt in me that he was telling the truth. Carlos gave off the air of helper. A man who would be totally loyal but careful.

I was definitely not going to follow Carlos Castaneda into Mexico. It was too foreign for me. I was rooted in the USA. Timothy Leary, super positive, charming was more my style,  but the drugs were too unpredictable. And so I began my fascination with Yoga and Meditation. During this time I continued to read all of Castaneda's new books and the wisdom of his teacher was undeniable. My personable life was in a turmoil. Yoga and meditation centered me, and the control, hope and peace that I felt allowed me to continue. The history of Meditation from Hinduism to Buddhism, and Tibetan Meditation techniques relies on stilling the mind by stilling the body. Sitting and allowing thoughts to wander past, one focuses on breath and the hypnotic experience that combination awakens.

Not knowing who I was I got married. We ultimately lost interest sexually and  that sent me into a swirl. Being appropriate is haphazard.The bar is notorious for finally hooking up. But waking up with strangers will not work long term and so the addictive pattern leads to depression.
For the first time I became continually anxious. Because Yoga calmed me down I began a study with Kriyananda a disciple of Yogananda. It all seemed correct. I always believed in a greater power and Yoga did also. Judaeo Christianity felt innocuous, and all there answers never spoke to my sexual biology. But ultimately Kriyananda when being initiated asked us to be celibate; I also knew it became the wrong path. Though I continued doing Yoga and developed a study of Zen Meditation techniques, studying Suzuki's One Mind. I had some strong experiences of sweating in the cold mornings, and experiencing slowing down my heart. I practiced Hatha Yoga and Raja meditation for 7 years. Every morning I would awake at 5 AM and first do Hatha for about 1 hour and then meditate using different breathing exercises, and Self Realizations special breathing techniques. I found just sitting and watching and listening to myself the most effective at calming me down I began to do these practices twice, once in  the morning and then again in the afternoon. I felt insulated from the craziness of the world. It was very reassuring to feel independent of all. I would sit and meditate and feel so special, like God was waiting for me  Specially sitting in the yoga meditation position demands a fixed contracted posture. This posture by freezing the muscles stops most energy except the movement of breath.The Lotus position preoccupies most of ones consciousness and allows one to feel present. Meditation was a way to be safe without destructive addictions.  Anxiety has been eliminated: no feelings except a frozen pleasure. So what happened that took me away from Yoga? If I could have meditated all day and never wanted to have relations with women I would still be doing Yoga. Except I was very attracted to the opposite sex and slowly that connection taught me that Yoga would only protect me from truly knowing myself. I surmised that Yoga and meditation is helpful because it keeps one safe from dealing with denial, in fact it reinforces denial.

Ultimately my chaotic marriage dissolved. Yet being single and alone I began to re-experience anxiety. Thankfully my previous wife was able to recommend a Orgone Therapist,  Dr. Rinn. I was working in the Haight and would travel to Oakland (On Alcatraz St. hah) to his office. It began as a difficult Therapy. I was 25,  but Dr. Rinn, taught by Dr. Duvall who was trained by Dr. Reich, had all the tools to to get under my skin. After 7 years of Therapy I decided I knew enough to be on my own. Orgone  is the movement of energy that Yoga, and shamanic teachings, drugs did not fully access. You must re-experience the inhibited past to become fully functioning empathetic, ecstatic human being.

The search for meaning and understanding of the Human species begins at birth. When the struggle to be born, through a narrow non moving tunnel, to horrible birth practices and a culture that limits touch leads to a frozen baby who begins a fantasy that all is OK. This catapults the over emphasis on thinking and cuts off the sensations of the body by the constrictions of not wanting to either feel the pain of isolation and early medical abuse. Slowly the physical body continues to grow but fantasy, and too much thinking becomes a habit that seems like normalcy. Holding different muscular contractions  preoccupies consciousness and emotions are without affect: this becomes a habit, a tremendously ingrained habit that becomes ones character, ones vision of the world. The family becomes a way to confirm this reality and  brings some pleasure: a little Orgone is a powerful stimuli to keep a continued pattern. Movement, hormones and puberty wake the body in a limited way. The little sex allowed generally will be found difficult, uncomfortable and anxious producing. No body will find an answer to there questions unless they even have questions. Survival, standard cultural norms will be followed instead of seeking ones own knowledge. Being appropriate is haphazard. Confusion is ameliorated with coffee in the morning and liquor at night. These two work because they release some of the held in armor, contractions of the musculature and finally some awareness of needs. Having no body is an unconscious Orgone burial that happens because of abuse: basically different types of adult anger: contracted birth, harsh birth practiced by hospitable s, circumcision, a poverty of touch, all leading to different types of illness. No body. Having no body leads to too much thinking, to perversions and addictions.
When Orgone streamings are non existent than rules substitute for authentic ideas, action and work,

Reliving the past, to access the unconscious,  is the cornerstone of any successful Therapy, one that Castaneda, Don Juan calls recapitulations and uses techniques that has drugs and violence to awaken the past in a haphazard way. Truly those who do not understand the past are doomed to repeat it. Carlos has to go over his past and find where it affected him.
Dr. Reich discovered how to awaken a person, the past trauma, without drugs; Orgone Therapy knows how to awaken the Orgone, energy by hands on work. It  has its immense challenges. No one is immune from wanting to escape the expression of hidden character that lies in the unconscious: what one has hidden, buried, frozen is liberating. Now the flow of Orgone will instinctively make sense. Unlike Don. Juan's escape to other worlds to find satisfaction now the path to completion is knowable and here. Dr . Reich story is a progression of a conscious revolution that uncovers human beings buried evolution. Not only was it enlightening, amazingly brave and heroic. Still foolishly overlooked. He cannot be praised enough.

The movement of Orgone to the surface of the body can be accomplished many different ways from hallucinating drugs, to meditating in a deep cave( similar to Dr. Reich's Orgone Box both containing high amounts of iron absorbing Orgone, the psychic Edger Cayce also used iron ). The difference in Don Juan's approach and Yoga, is  there is no depth of understanding. One doesn't understand how one's character has formed to protect oneself from feeling: character is a defense from being overwhelmed by a traumatic feeling. Don Juan accesses these feeling by putting his disciples in untenable situations which causes eruptions of Orgone; the definitive moment for Carlos Castaneda and for me is when Carlos is attacked in a planned sabotage by one of Don Juan's helpers.  His life is totally in danger and he needs to unlock his core Orgone  to survive. (George Harrison also attacked and experienced a similar upheaval, the song called Looking For My Life )Don Juan's manipulation  turned me off completely; what a desperate, nasty way to access ones hidden energy. Not for me. And ultimately Don Juan ended his legacy of teaching. Perhaps because of cruelty.

Yoga uses practicing  for hours and being celibate to illicit the unconscious Prana (Orgone).  Being in touch with that Prana is empowering: it takes effort, discipline and the rewards is some awareness.  Castaneda, and Don Juan use methods that are dangerous situations, and drugs and absorbing the energy from your own revolt at passivity. Unlike Yoga, Don Juan does use recapitulation, and some knowledge of how your past holds one back from entering into the second awareness, or the appearance of the unconscious and its energy to illicit a deeper view of reality. The feeling of being totally alive is different in all three modalities. In yoga and accessory systems its a stiffening of the body, contracting sitting musculature and breathing till a self hypnosis occurs and one enters an outer body experience. Specifically meditation is top down, thoughts create the wake up, while Orgone Therapy wakes the body which wakes the mind that has stilled and  repressed Orgone.  It is an important difference because meditation leaves you with a partial therapy, a partial flow of energy to the surface of the body, a partial knowledge. Orgone Therapy awakens a deeper flow in the body; one experiences a  revolutionary opening, a knowledge, that floods the consciousness. In  Orgone Therapy I opened to enlightened pleasure that did not have the imbalance of inflated ego and contempt: complete surrender in sexual union can be accessed if one has released chronic unconscious tension. It is necessary to re-experience the blank, the contraction that needed loving touch from the mother to awaken the full complete picture of a fully alive human being. Without that contact the initial tension will block understanding, and the search for wisdom will be an on growing problem: no need for drugs, meditation addiction when the original template is within; rediscovered  because of Dr Wilhelm Reich

The reason we all so attracted to babies is not Oh they will continue me, no its there simple knowledge of oneness, of a no doubt unity of being, its pleasure without comment. Giggle its life
Like a non moving river a blocked body needs to release the blocked Orgone to survive. Addictive mistakes is a partial release that moves armor, that blocks  orgasmic pleasure, Orgone feeds understanding that leads to enlightenment. Now I realized after being  part of the tune in, turn on, drop out generation, then morphing to meditation and yoga and finally Orgone Therapy that all of them have one  energetic component in common: moving energy in the body. There is just one movement and its Orgone; interfere with the living experience of Orgone and you get addictive mistakes: it's a partial release that moves armor, blocking full release.  Addiction is a substitutes for "Love, work, and knowledge".  The final experience is Orgone work; actually reliving of the past right to embryonic state. All the the restrictions that one has buried in the unconscious will be felt Orgonomically.

Having no idea, being unconscious of repressing contractions of musculature, of freezing Orgone then one doesn't experience one's body. Only the lessening of ones armor, releasing the held in Orgone do you finally understand.
The search for meaning, answers, is written right in our bodies: it is the unified Orgone experience. We are Orgone. Our Orgone moves in response to our interconnections with everything in our universe. Superimposition is the matrix of our life; fusing together to experience the clarity of living. Cosmic intercourse.
Only Orgone Therapy has the complete picture with no escape to other worlds. Its here and now. If not Orgone breathing than you lost life's engine.  Dr. Wilhelm Reich we owe you  a great thanks and instead you were Martyred. I for one am flabbergasted by your genius, I wish we all were.

Sunday, November 18, 2018


every day things  in  my life are falling
the rivers, the oceans, the planets
and little ol me moving down.

new england lipstick still
on cigarette butts, on tossed  coffee cups
Paradox abuse
Gravity you twisted motivator, you last
Teacher, and torturer.

No time traveler I'm in 2018.
Sun moving into the darkness.
What union does it seek?
Holographic  embraced.

The gold ring always available.
The expansion is
The final pleasure.

Now the surprises, the spontaneous,
Lifting up from the muck.
The sadists hear my voice,

Then it happens.
I came and the stars and I were one.
The entrance is the exit.
The universe and I shoot forward.

Only then was I finally at peace. No longer the cracked mirror,
No longer wondering anything.
Like Dandelion opening expanding
Like the universe. Get on

Reaching for her
The stars appear within.
Happenings recalled.
Pieces of the puzzle.

Into the darkness, lit up.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Blue in the face
Will not work
Eyes no see
Ears no hear

Two ways
Cannot understand

Only in Orgone Therapy
Appears the forgotten
By the way
This saved my life
But what a fucked up feeling,
Living a unknown.

Friday, August 17, 2018

the untouhed

Denial is the emotional plague. The plague  has only possessive desire to fulfill there addicted need of release. In general its a combined confusion of consciously calling there own condition necessary and contempt that is isolating and sadistic. If one has not learned how to emote properly than one becomes an addict.

Being held does not mean being felt. Without contact the spiral of not knowing how to achieve satisfaction will not be be accessible. I had to dull my organism and  armor caused addiction.
Oddly you can be alive and be  not be aware that your only half alive. Abuse has limited you. To keep on living you closed down the experience of abuse. The early neglect, tortuous birth, circumcision, sexual abuse, flatten the Orgone,
Added to that abuse was neglect; the culture and the family left little time for intimacy that was needed for emotional growth. As a baby there was no development for words only the movement of Orgone; the movement became fully frozen unconscious. Sadly no one knew how to release the scared, panicked babies anger. The unreleased Orgone cuts off the movement of emotion.

As a maturing child the build up of Orgone has to be released and pushes against the old armored Orgone.  As an adult often an addictive lifestyle is a "satisfying"solution for unease that will turn nasty, hurtful, in pursuit of false understanding and search for a satisfying release.

The body is tense, and it has been that way since birth. Your mother did not know how to emote and involuntarily has frozen her muscles and squeezed ones birth into a survival nightmare You want to flow, to expand but your stuck.  Everyone has forgotten there contracted, because survival demands activity, and we take our forgotten tense body everywhere. Then we find something that releases part of that tension, often we don't care if it is an addictive substance, could be food, sweet, coffee, wine, sex: what we have is no real understanding of addiction. In reality addiction is an unconscious need to release the built up of Orgone that is making the tension unbearable. As a child you might run for release. As an adult its not the actual addictive substance you seek but the expressive anger at past forgotten abuses that couldn't be named and was not expressed. Orgone Therapy unlocks that frozen smile, and the release is felt, satisfying, and genuine.

The hard and complex primary armor is called character and becomes unconscious. Character is primary Orgone pushing against held fear, anger,, armor that locks expression. The overwhelming armor is life saving and life denial. Instead some Orgone escapes and that is ones character: Orgone movement becomes conscious as a addicted character. The crux is that no words Orgone one day will need to release the early armor fully to achieve access to flowing, spontaneous life, Orgone.

Monday, January 8, 2018


They breed in the dark
They know when we sleep.
They like there life
The cosmos looks unimpressed
Not stopping the darkness
It created it.

Yet the nuclear blanket of ignorance
Compressing, murdering the
Change. Filtering out
Jesus, all liberators, great
Thinkers Wilhelm Reich
Burnt his books, dead in prison.
Oh happy they are obsessing.
Pulling teeth and closed doors
Leave them to there struggle.
Booze and fantasy is a living  death

My disaster of isolation.
The eternal pulse comes with
Small print, whispered voices
Losing everything

All needed to awake,

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Backyard and Leaves

It goes like this, off to
The snow and back in tired.
On the table pomegranates and persimmons,

Remembering walking and kicking the fallen leaves.
The smell and the cold uplifting.
Speeding up I bang the fence with a branch,

Later, much later I see John Lennon video
Doing the same. Like him
I sought out meaning.
Then on a walk today I look into backyards
My wife sought out other living rooms
I liked the distance, the long view
Into chairs, green lawns, and
Empty people views.

Now I appreciate each filled lung of
Cold, crisp, clearing air.
Colors seen by a grey mass
Brings everyday miracle
Living protoplasm amazes  me.
This tragic miracle.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Ode To Charron's Boat

Auntie Cha Cha that's what
Her nieces called her.

Her eyes saw me. Dark
No longer blue.
Still forever.

That dam picture above my desk
We both tried to sell it.
It rings of antiquity.
Greek Charron The Reaper.
Gaunt, singular dead
To our suffering.

People, people everywhere
Like the Ancient Mariner, compelled,
Told my fellow workers.
Charron's boat named Cha Cha.

The boats name Cha Cha
What the fuck

Me looking nightly at Charon's boat.
Slowly it came to me that boat
Destination was not forward but
Being pulled backwards.

I needed to move forward.
Creating.That original stain was not mine.
Convulsing. Better than redemption, exodus
Of the living plasma.

Perfected ignorance in a globe of wonder.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

marching for stasis

Skill plus denial is a formula for stasis; stasis is a damming of Orgone, true energetic movement is channeled into work. Skill allows one to only focus on the job. Brimming with confidence, success at the job allows denial to flourish. Stasis protects one from opening up to experiencing the flow or Orgone. Unknown this denial is a way of life that gives little pleasure.  

Each person's stoppage, in Orgone economy, happens at different abusive times. It is  ones character that forms to protect the realization of perceived danger, the earlier the abuse is worse; abuse will freeze a unified experience. Stasis is achieved. The no becomes a aridity of musculature, and becomes unconscious.
Humans produce Orgone that must be released otherwise living will be intolerable; Stasis can mutate into anxiety and will not be understood or tolerated and addiction can become a dangerous cure. 

Stasis relies on a character without much depth, locking the body causes distraction and misguided thinking and inappropriateness and often addiction. The  internal dialogue becomes overly thoughtful, or obsessive instead of empathetic.
Releasing the Orgone through loving heterosexual  intercourse because its the deepest release, will release stasis and reduce obsessive chatter, addictions, and other neurotic behavior.

Stasis is unconscious. Stasis is a form of isolation that unconsciously causes great anger reminding one has an unsatisfying character. Failure cannot be tolerated for it a unconscious reminder of blocked, unresolved trauma  Denial is not experienced. Expressing, protecting stasis is familiar behavior. Ones character has been formed to do this. Change that causes anxiety is not pleasant and not understood and the emotional  depth to express feelings that would unlock stasis is unfamiliar. Without Therapy Stasis cannot become conscious. Human beings like all mammals depend on social interaction to provide fulfillment. The rise of all drugs is a symptom of a search for satisfaction.  Addiction is a failed attempt to find satisfactory release of blocked Orgone or Stasis.